freedom friend.

the wind is whipping wild tonight
and my heart, inside, does the same.

to see a friend's soul leave here for There...
what a horrible, beautiful thing.  full of sorrow.  full of joy.
with all the years of suffering this friend has endured, the thought of her in the Father's arms is sweet.

can she hear the wind tonight, in all it's whipping around?
did she see that moon all glowing full and large as it came up?
or is she now removed from every corner and care of earth's experience as she basks in her New Place?

did our Father swing her around in circles when they met?
did they both laugh?  oh, that i could hear them.
can she even believe her new life?

how i miss them both!
the sureness of her leaving here and joining Jesus makes me miss her, yes.
but quickly i realize that i really miss them both!
i miss their party.
i long for the reality that they are living in...
and why shouldn't i?
it is my home, too.
all at once, i am feeling quite the stranger here.
and it is a good reminder, for that is what i am.

so, i sift through all the intangibles she's left to me...
her faith,
her courage,
her joy,
her humor,
her art...
and i run my fingers over the last note she wrote me,
and i thank my Father for the gift of borrowed soul.

and as the wind still whips wild on my hill
and in my heart,
i whisper praises for the hope of forever life with him
and ask for the grace and courage for my own remaining days.


mourning tears
have no place long
when to heav'n sure the soul has flown.

for turn, they must
to tears of joy
when we know the fullness of mercy shown.

this soul flies free
from toil and pain
and need never more utter sob nor sigh

for Gentle Shepherd, He,
has called her name,
stretched out his arm and drawn her nigh.

and whole
and healed
by his side in his glory
she is reaping her joyful songs,

while her sown seeds remain;
her faithful praise
shall encourage us all along.


Rachel Bostwick said...

Thank you very much for sharing that. It is beautiful, both very sad and very joyful.

Kathleen Ellis said...

Beautiful, sweetie! Love you!

Jaylene said...

Well said! Such a way with words!


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